Consumer Tips for the LuxArm Shoulder Subluxation Brace and Arm Support System

  • Seated edge of bed or on a mat table allows for the easiest fitting and donning of the brace- a second person is typically needed for initial customization and putting on the brace.
  • Most people can learn to remove the arm straps and undo the buckle with one hand, no second person assist needed.
  • Elastic waistband pants are most comfortable to use with the LuxArm brace.
  • Customers have identified that positioning the elastic waistband of their pants over the hip pads rather than under makes it easier to manage pants up/down during toileting as then the brace does not have to be removed and the affected arm stays supported throughout the activity of toileting.
  • It is recommended that the brace be worn over a t-shirt to add a layer of protection for your skin.
  • The LuxArm should NOT be worn in the shower.
  • The LuxArm belt should NOT be worn to bed, however the forearm piece can be separated and used at night as a positioning hand splint. It is recommended that the affected arm with the forearm piece be ergonomically positioned on a pillow and elevated (if needed for management of edema) if using it at night while sleeping.
  • Customers have reported increased comfort if the belt is loosened 1-2 notches after sitting AND increased support and stability of the belt if it is tightened 1-3 notches prior to standing again.

    DOWNLOAD LuxArm Fitting Instructions. (7MB PDF)
  • The LuxArm is intended to be a wellness device for ergonomic and safe positioning to support recovery when the arm is too weak to function on its own. Neuromuscular training and rehabilitation is still needed and encouraged to regain functional use of the affected arm. Please follow the range of motion and active exercise program designed by your therapists to obtain the best recovery results.
  • As with any new splint/brace, please do skin inspections upon first using the LuxArm to be sure you are not getting any pressure points. Adjust the LuxArm with a therapist’s assist. If you notice any new red spots that do not go away within 20 minutes of removing the device.
  • The forearm component of the brace has been purposely designed to quickly and easily separate from the belt for exercises and training throughout the day. Yet, ergonomically supporting the arm between therapy sessions by re-connecting the belt and the arm piece any time you are out of bed is important for consistent support and management of the shoulder subluxation. LuxArm also provides protection of the distal arm, which can be easily injured due to changes in sensation and neglect symptoms.
  • The shoulder has been intentionally left open (no straps) to allow for simultaneous use of e-stim, taping, thermal modalities, topical cream use or other interventions to maximize your recovery needs. Edema gloves can also be worn simultaneously as needed under the forearm straps.
  • If the belt is snug around the high waist as it is intended to be, the strong stays of the belt can also be used as a gait belt for support during transfers and ambulation.
  • Spot wash the brace with a mild soap (i.e. Dawn) and water and let dry overnight for small spills.