NuSling Instructions  Extension Strap Instructions

Our NuSling Comfort Arm Sling provides an unmatched level of style, comfort, and convenience for your shoulder immobilization needs. The two-piece “strap and snap” features adjustable Velcro® loop fasteners for customized positioning relief.

The NuSling Comfort’s unique featherweight and ergonomic design has an innovative collar that distributes the weight of the arm over the neck and shoulders evenly to prevent pressure points. It has a breathable foam insert and a lower layer of Orthowick® moisture wicking fabric to create a comfortable and worry-free arm positioning system. The modern design doesn’t slip or slide out of of position and fully supports the arm so you can focus on healing.

Active Arm Supports’ NuSling immobilizers are easy to take off and put on, even with one hand!

Please Note: The NuSling is not advised for neurological shoulder subluxations or upper extremity hemiparesis due to the specific alignment needs of the shoulder, wrist and hand that are recommended post brain injury. For neurologically-based arm injuries, see the LuxArm product.