About Active Arm Supports

The idea of Active Arm Supports was born nearly 10 years ago when an inventor collided with an occupational therapist.  Right from the start both had an energy and passion for quality rehabilitation, which continues to be the foundation of the company today.

Active Arm Supports is a company that recognizes neurologically based arm injuries require very special consideration and more customized positioning needs than orthopedic arm injuries. Recovery from any type of arm injury is critical in a two-handed world. Active Arm Supports takes pride in attending to these unique differences by producing two distinct product lines that are made available directly to consumers who want to be proactive in their rehabilitation.

Active Arm Supports founders have the unique ability to practice mindful listening to patients and medical-care providers when analyzing difficult or painful aspects of arm injuries. In order to get the best possible results, they use that real-world information to design comfortable, practical, and effective solutions to aid the healing process. All new product ideas are thoroughly tested and modified prior to distribution and consumer feedback is a valued part of design growth. Active Arm Supports is devoted to addressing deficits of current slings and braces on the market by constantly thinking outside of the box, keeping up with best practice research and persisting until a solution is found.

Active Arm Supports wants to support people in their recovery as effectively as possible.  And just as Plato once said, “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

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