Active Arm Supports

Active Arm Supports — Supporting Your Recovery

Active Arm Supports is an innovative, Colorado-based company that is advancing arm support devices. Our proprietary, patented technology represents the next generation of comfort, mobility and recovery support for neurological and orthopedic arm injuries.

LuxArm Shoulder Subluxation Brace & Arm Support System

A radically redesigned stroke and brain injury recovery aid that aligns, positions and accommodates the entire hemiparetic arm in one device throughout your rehabilitation.

The revolutionary, patented LuxArm Shoulder Subluxation Brace represents a quantum leap forward in stroke rehabilitation and recovery. Supported by the hips rather than slung from the shoulder and neck, it offers a new level of ergonomic and therapeutic support and comfort for stroke survivors affected by a hemiparetic arm with a subluxed shoulder post neurological injury.

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NuSling Arm Sling: Magnetic & Comfort

Magnetic – Use this modern recovery aid after an orthopedic arm injury or shoulder surgery if you want comfortable support. The Magnetic NuSling design provides a seamless transition between functional arm use and needed arm rest as your recovery progresses. Our innovative magnetic fastener is different from all other arm slings and allows the collar and cuff pieces to quickly separate while still wearing both parts.

Comfort – Use this ergonomic recovery aid after an orthopedic injury or shoulder surgery when your arm needs total rest. The Comfort NuSling features a one-piece “strap and snap” adjustable Velcro® loop closure for positioning flexibility of the distal arm.

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