LuxArm Reviews

Actual Testimonials About the LuxArm Shoulder Subluxation Brace

“Thank you very much! Oh my gosh it is so good, wow! I’m excited…it works fantastic…it helps.”
— Dave, stroke survivor

“A truly innovative design and product to serve our neurological patients with arm weakness. The expertise, tenacity and evolution of the product is state-of-the-art and patients will love this product.”
— Karen, Clinical Occupational Therapist with 26+ years of experience doing in-patient and out-patient therapy

“This product is truly innovative. There is nothing else like it on the market. I hope more therapists become aware of this product to recommend it to their clients.”
— Alyssa, Home Health Occupational Therapist, Oregon

“They knocked it out of the park! It is a great device.”
— Doug, brain injury survivor

“Love the attention to detail and use of quality washable materials throughout. Love the option to quickly and easily adjust available ROM at elbow with simple lever switch. I also really enjoyed showing this product to my PT partner because the brace provides adequate support at the shoulder. It frees us up to try additional devices versus previously used platform walker.”
— Adele, In-Patient Occupational Therapist, North Carolina

“It’s pretty great how the brace allows her to have a bit more independence to stand up and move around on her own.”
— Martha, Occupational Therapist of Bilateral LuxArm user

“I show everyone how awesome the LuxArm is!”
— Shawn, stroke survivor

“As an RN helping a patient with the brace, I felt it was much easier to don/doff than other support devices‚ĶAnother thing about the brace is that is provides shoulder stabilization for flaccid upper extremities in a functional position but was not super bulky or stiff.”
— JoAnne, Nurse with 10+ years of hospital experience

9 Benefits of the LuxArm