luxarm shoulder subluxation brace waist measurement

Measurement 1:

Back of bent ELBOW to WRIST crease

luxarm shoulder subluxation brace arm measurement

Measurement 2:

Back of bent ELBOW to Middle FINGER Tip

luxarm shoulder subluxation brace arm measurement

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LuxArm logo    BENEFITS

The unique design of the LuxArm is patient & clinician-friendly, addresses nearly all of the existing positioning challenges of a neurological arm and adjusts across the different recovery phases. It has captured the attention of not only patients who are struggling to find a universal support system for their shoulder and hand, but also clinical occupational and physical therapists in the field. The LuxArm system has achieved 9 key factors with regard to the innovative construction:

1. Ergonomic Alignment of the Shoulder and Hand

Finger palpation measurements and x-rays taken during early clinical trials clearly show a reduction in the glenohumeral subluxation at the shoulder while the proximal arm is held in slight abduction to minimize tightness often seen in the pectoral muscles. The forearm is supported without creating pressure on the olecranon, the wrist and fingers can be sustained at any degree of flexion or extension and the forearm can be supinated for equal muscle balance and comfort. The thumb is supported at the metacarpal joint but not tied down distally as this is often one of the most sensitive areas of a recovering hand.

2. Effective Pain Management

Anecdotal reports and pain scale measurements taken during clinical trials indicate most people experienced a reduction in arm pain with the LuxArm Shoulder Subluxation Brace. New arm pain was not reported during the testing phases of the trials.

3. Comfortable

The off-loading padded belt system takes the majority of the arm mass from below the elbow and distributes it around the waist, where the body’s center of gravity is more able to control/balance the weight. With the load on the waist rather than on the neck and shoulders, the client is more willing to wear the device throughout the day and the arm remains protected in an ergonomic position. The belt system reduces asymmetrical alignment of the upper trunk, allowing for improved posture and balance, which can reduce secondary pain issues. The soft elastic straps, padding throughout and pliable skeleton of the LuxArm Shoulder Subluxation Brace ensures comfort, minimizes risk of pressure points and permits customization to each unique body shape.

4. Compatible with Existing Interventions

The design team recognized that the support system may not be the answer to every subluxation case and therefore wanted it to be compatible with existing researched interventions. The lack of shoulder suspension straps in this device means that therapist and/or caregivers can easily access the affected shoulder to apply e-stim, Kinesio tape, topical pain medications or thermal modalities without ever having to take it off. Simultaneous rather than sequential treatment interventions can be effortlessly achieved.

5. Transitional

Because the belt system molds to both hips and is not based on elastic strapping that requires tension, there is minimal migration of the device when transitioning from seated to stand to walking and vice-versa. This means that the shoulder and arm stay fully supported as the body moves; the device can be worn in a variety of positions, during mobility training, and during functional activities across the day with sustained support of the hemiparetic arm. The location of the belt on top of the hips also allows access to the waistband for toileting needs without removal of the device.

6. Durable

Extensive research and testing was done during the material development phases of the LuxArm System to make it as practical as possible. As a result, it is lightweight, strong, pliable, cost effective and sustainable enough to handle the wear and tear of multiple months of rehabilitation. Little maintenance is required.

7. Adjustable

Every therapist knows that a neurological recovery progresses through several phases during the healing process, some last only days while others last months. Several components on this system are adjustable by hand and/or by a simple hex key, which allows for quick modifications without a lot of hassle. The LuxArm Shoulder Subluxation Brace can handle changes in spasticity/tone (arm, wrist & finger), changes in body weight, hands with edema, changes in finger/wrist positioning needs, and changes in forearm rotation needs for equal muscle balance. No other current subluxation device can accommodate all those changes with such simplicity. The pliable skeleton of the forearm system, the one-handed ratchet buckle with the overlapping belt frame in the back, and the sliding track for variable sized subluxations means the system can adapt to fit the patient’s needs through every phase of their recovery. The patient doesn’t have to conform to the limitations of the device or buy a new device every time something changes.

8. Cleanable

Life is full of spills, especially if you are learning to do things one-handed or with your non-dominant hand! The antimicrobial fabrics chosen for the LuxArm can be spot washed and will last through many stages of rehabilitation.

9. Intuitive

Recovery is hard work. So the design team made it top priority to make a shoulder subluxation brace that was simple and friendly to use on a daily basis. Complex strapping systems confuse not just patients and family members, but also experienced therapists and nursing staff. The LuxArm Shoulder Subluxation Brace removes all straps and has only 2 pieces that can either be left engaged for functional use or disengaged to meet the patient’s neuromuscular exercise training needs. Initial fitting by a therapist is strongly recommended to ensure a proper customization. However, family and caregivers can easily operate donning/doffing and make simple adjustments on a daily basis. Once sized and fitted into the semi-customizable system, it is intuitive to put on every day and some clients are able to manage this on their own. The molded shape will allow for the arm to fall into the correct position every time without the hassle of complex straps. Furthermore, every client trialed in this device was able to remove it with one hand, no assist needed.